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The Africa Liberal Network takes note, and along with many African and world leaders, condemn the offensive remarks made about African countries by the President of the United States of America, Donald Trump. During a meeting with lawmakers on Thursday the President reportedly used foul and derogatory terms to describe African countries, asking why many so many African immigrants have been allowed entry into the US. It is our view, along with many others, that these comments are incredibly ignorant, disrespectful and racist. In a time where African countries and other nations need to stand together and support each other, it is shocking to hear that one of the most powerful leaders in the world have such crude and offensive opinions of our great continent.
Africa has its fair share of obstacles and struggles, but it is also filled with hard-working, caring and innovative people, who are passionate about seeing a better future for their families, communities, countries and continent. Many such individuals are part of our network and liberal family, and spend most of their lives fighting for a just and fair society, even in the face of grave adversity. It is clear that President Trump has a skewed and ignorant view of what makes this continent and its people so special.
The Africa Liberal Network calls on President Trump to revoke his words and issue an unequivocal apology to all the great nations of Africa. He has to be held accountable for his statements by the American government and electorate alike. We also call on the UN Human Rights Council to pay attention to these statements and act accordingly.
Media enquiries:
Zanie Ferreira (ALN Coordinator)
kenyan supreme court

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