Gilbert Noël Ouédraogo

The President

Gilbert Noël Ouédraogo

My name is Mr. Gilbert Noël B. E. G OUEDRAOGO, I was born on December 25, 1968 in the beautiful city of Ouagadougou (BURKINA FASO).
I am from the great royal family of the North and my uncle is the current King of Yatenga. I am also a Candidate in the November 2020 presidential election and a Liberal to the core.
Clement Stambuli

Clement Stambuli

Treasurer - Malawi

Abdeslam Nihrane

Abdelsam Nihrane

North Africa Vice President – Morocco

Ousmane Ben Fana Traoré

Ousmane Ben Fana Traoré

West Africa Vice President - Mali

Parfait Kolélas

Central Africa Vice President - Congo

Mohamed Ibrahim

East Africa Vice President - Somolia

Rose Sakala

Southern Africa - Zambia

The Secretariat

Coordinator: Robyn Thomson


The mission of the Africa Liberal Network is to empower liberal parties to grow their support, to increase their influence on politics and to implement liberal policies when in government.

As the coordinator of the network’s secretariat, responsibilities include operationalising the decisions adopted and ratified at the annual general assembly, the highest decision-making body of the 47 political parties alliance (network).

The coordinator’s responsibilities also extend to the network’s strategy, member capacitation trainings and fundraising:
Together with strategic partners co-manage programmes and member party capacitation trainings.
Manage the network’s relationships with all network strategic partners, relationships with political leadership and professional staff of member parties, oversee projects and programmes, together with its participants and programme alumni.

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