Women Leadership

Women Leadership

Women’s Leadership Programme

The Africa Liberal Network (ALN) Women’s Leadership Programme (WLP) returns in 2020 to continue training,

Women's Leadership Application Form

Please complete the following application form to apply to the ALN’s Women’s Leadership Programme.

Guide to best practice in increasing women’s

This practical guide gives political leaders practical advice on how they can attract and retain women,

Best Practice Guides

Best Practice Guides

ALN Best Practice Guide Strategies policies solutions  for success

A guide that takes into consideration the context of Africa’s political landscape, and is also rooted

Best Practice in Managing Professional Political Operation

This presentation gives political leaders insight into how they can structure their political parties to maximise vote winning.

Best practice in the use of Social Media for Political Parties

It is intended to be read as a companion to the ‘ALN Guide to Best Practice in Political Communication

Best Practice in Policy Making Presentation Democratic policy

This presentation on Best Practices in Party policymaking was given by Christian Moon, the Head of Policy for the UK Liberal

Best Practice in Creating a Liberal Election Manifesto

Dr James took delegates through the process of producing a realistic, substantiated and well-researched election manifesto



ALN Annual Report

The Third Annual Report that the network has produced, is an important showcase of the work the ALN

ALN Annual Report

The ALN exists to empower liberal parties to grow their support, to increase their influence on politics

Transfers of power in Africa

Adopted by the Africa Liberal Network at the Liberal Forum on the subject of: “Issues of Democratic Governance in Africa

African Charter on Human and People's Rights

Every individual shall be entitled to the enjoyment of the rights guaranteed in the present Charter

UN Universal Declaration on Human Rights

On December 10, 1948, the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights the

Guide to Internal Party Democracy

This presentation was made by two representatives of the Dutch Liberal party, D66, at the 2012 ALN General Assembly in Abidjan

African Free Trade Policy Paper

This paper was written by the Free Market Foundation for the ALN. It was used to inform the debate on Free Trade at the 2013 ALN

African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Governance

This Guidebook is the first of its kind to identify and categorise the range of actions which political parties

ALN Liberal Manifesto for Africa

On the African continent, Liberal Democratic parties actively campaign to promote political and civil rights, develop a democratic culture

The ALN Declaration for Jobs and Growth in Africa

The ALN member parties commit to working for secure and peaceful development for all the peoples and nations of Africa and is providing jobs

Minimum standards for the democratic functioning of political parties

Political parties are a cornerstone of representative democracy and serve a function like no other institution.

Liberal proposals for the reform of parliaments in Africa

Adopted by the Africa Liberal Network at the Liberal Forum on the theme: “Institutional Reform: The Role of Parliament in the Institutional Game”



Liberals in Coalition Tips and Advice

This practical guide will help parties that are currently considering participating

Strategic Planning for Political Parties

This practical guide will help to guide parties through the strategic planning process.

Freedom of Expression Handbook

The pack contains a booklet outlining: The legal issues surrounding defamation

An African Liberal Perspective Handbook

The English pack contains a booklet outlining: Coalition management

Register to be a member party of The Africa Liberal Network

Register to be a member party of The Africa Liberal Network

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