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What participants and political parties gain from the programme:

Objective 1: To equip and develop active women to engage in political and civic leaders across all sectors at the local, national and international levels. To encourage and enable women to contribute their views and vision in an informed, effective and meaningful way.

Objective 2: To engage inclusive political parties and their leading decision-makers.

Support active women to advance to their next level: the programme empowers women and political parties to play a more impactful role in their nation’s efforts to stabilise democracy and evolve responsive governance;

Encourage women leaders: the programme aims to empower active women to ascend to decision-making portfolios in order to bring in diverse perspectives at decision-making platforms and to aim at improving gender-balanced representation in political party leadership structures and in legislatures (public office);

Evolve the capacity of women leaders: through targeted career guidance and life coaching, the programme invests in the women’s natural talents and unique abilities to generate effective and sustainable policy proposals and monitor their inputs and implementation;

Initiate a link between political party candidate selection processes and programme alumni: through the programme, initiate a bridge to negotiate policies and structural processes for candidate selection within inclusive political parties.

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