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ALN Election Observation Mission Report: Zanzibar 2015

The Africa Liberal Network conducted its first-ever election observation mission in October 2015. The destination for the mission was the island of Zanzibar, officially part of Tanzania but still with its own electoral system and commission.
The full ALN election observation report can be viewed and downloaded here
The decision was taken by the ALN’s Executive Committee to take part in election observations in order to achieve our broader goals of increasing the Network’s presence through support of liberalism and democratic practices. This experience was invaluable to our observation team, which included two ALN Vice Presidents, Rosemary Kariuki (East Africa) and Stevens Mokgalapa (Southern Africa).
The ALN expresses its gratitude to our long-standing partners of the Friederich Naumann Foundation for Freedom. We thank FNF for their generous assistance and cooperation during the observation mission and look forward to growing our partnership.

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