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#ALNwomen 2020 Graduate

The Africa Liberal Network is proud to announce the graduation of the alumni, who participated in the 2020 Women’s Leadership Programme. This is a total of 15 women, representing member parties of the Africa Liberal Network in Senegal, Kenya, Ghana, Morocco, Sierre Leone, Burkina Faso, Somalia, Tanzania and Zambia.

The graduates of 2020 join the 2019 graduates and together, they make up a collective of 30 politically active women who have been developed by the network and our strategic partners, to campaign, contest and win elections internally in political parties and in public office.

On Tuesday 18 May, the #ALNwomen 2020 graduation culminated in all alumni, presenting their year-long individual development projects. A panel of 5 members individually scored each alumni’s presentation according to the content and the impact of the project.

The three (3) highest scoring graduates were Stenah Shampile from Zambia, Nereah Amondi Oketch from Kenya and Nadifa Osman from Somalia.














In his opening remarks of the graduation ceremony, Gilbert Noël Ouédraogo – in his capacity as President of the Africa Liberal Network said:

“As you all are aware, we are still battling with overcoming the health risks posed by the COVID-19 pandemic. And it is for that reason, that we have not been able to convene this graduation ceremony in person.

Indeed, I am absolutely thrilled to be amongst all of you, on this very important occasion, as our 2020 Women’s Leadership Programme alumni present their individual leadership projects and thereafter graduate from the programme.

May I start by congratulating each and every one, for your continued commitment in the programme. I am aware that when the pandemic broke out in March 2020, the programme was amended and pursued online and all of you committed to 15 online workshops during weekends and continued to also connect in private one on one sessions with trainers and support experts. Thank you for committing to the cause.

I wish to also express gratitude to the Liberal Democrats and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy, for making your online participation possible, by supporting each participant with a laptop and allowance for your access to data and the internet.

In my capacity as the President of the Africa Liberal Network, I look forward to our continued collaborations, to advance the inclusion of women in key decision-making roles and certainly in leading our communities and countries to development.

  • Recognising, the Africa Liberal Network and our member parties have an important responsibility to continue to support you on your political journeys and recognising the contributions you will each make to your communities, your political parties and the network at large
  • The Africa Liberal Network will continue to engage with each of you in programmes of diversity and inclusion, similar to the one we convened recently on 13 & 14 March, which was facilitated by Lidia Rauch of Bloom Enterprise. We look forward to bringing together, the #ALNwomen alumni of 2019 & 2020, to be the mentors and pillars of support to the 2021 Women Empowerment Programme participants, whom we will be meeting this week on Thursday 20 May & Friday 21 May 2021With you all, the network may access insights and guidance regarding the advancement of the sustainable development goal number 5, which seeks to achieve the human right of gender equality and empower all women and girls
  • Together, we may consult the member parties of the Africa Liberal Network, to negotiate minimum standards for including and supporing more women through candidate selection processes and electoral colleges

Lastly, I wish to express gratitude to all the trainers, facilitators and experts, who have supported the programme with imparting skills to our 2020 graduates.


Thank you to you all.

Congratulations to the class of 2020!”



Gilbert Noël Ouédraogo and the Executive Committee of the network, continued to welcome the 15 participants of the revised Africa Liberal Women Empowerment Programme on Thursday 20 May 2021, where they were joined by the Secretary Generals of the member political parties and the expanded programme partners: the Africa Liberal Network (ALN), Liberal International, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for freedom, the Liberal Democrats, VVD International, D66 International and the Westminster Foundation for Democracy.

Women Leadership Programme

Honorable Renee Nyakerario Mayaka

Honorable Irene Nyakerario Mayaka
A mother, a politician, and a nominated member of Nyamira County Assembly delegated by the Orange Democratic Movement (ODM), with specific roles in providing oversight and legislation at the County Assembly on behalf of the citizens of Nyamira County. I am an Accountant and Public Secretary by Profession, with a Bachelor of Commerce (finance), CPA (K) – certified public accountant and CPS (K) – certified public secretary. Previously a Banker with 11years experience in client experience, service quality and portfolio management.
I form part of the membership and recruitment committee of ODM and am a founder member of the lobby group, Daughters of Raila (in charge of resource mobilization), instrumental in the 2017 presidential campaign. I am currently focusing on women in political leadership preparations, as the Daughters of Raila intend to assist our members whom are contesting for political leadership in the August 2022 General Election.
My journey to being sworn in as a nominated member of County Assembly has been one with hurdles and lessons. ODM and all other political parties forward a list of nominees to the Election Body for Kenya (IEBC), thereafter all party nominees are communicated by IEBC in the official gazette.
My name featured in the ODM nomination list published in our local Daily Newspapers on 21 July 2017 under the gender top-up list for ODM. When the official IEBC gazette was published on 28 August 2017, my name was excluded from the list of nominees and a new name, which was not part of the initial list, was inserted in its place. Investigations conducted by ODM and the IEBC revealed that the new name was inserted there fraudulently. There were also no supporting documents which accompanied the new name inserted. The investigation also revealed that fraudulent court order papers, were seemingly included, in support of the new name insertion.
To correct this anomaly, IEBC released a revised official gazette notice on 8 September 2017, deleting the name Damaris Muoni and rightfully included my name. On the day I was meant to be sworn in to the County Assembly, a court order barring me from being sworn in was presented. The case was heard by the Magistrate Court of Nyamira County on the 28 February 2018, and thereafter immediately dismissed, with a court order advising that I be sworn in.
An Appeal to the High court of Nyamira was initiated and again the matter was dismissed on the 19 July 2018.  The High Court ruling was responded to with an appeal to the Court of Appeal, which also dismissed the matter on 14 February 2019 for lack of jurisdiction.
Through a different petitioner, a new attempt was initiated, this time questioning the IEBC official gazette, this too was discovered to be fraudulent and declared “fake”. Now that the Election Petition timeline has ceased, IEBC communicated a letter to the Orange Democratic Movement, copying in the Speaker of Nyamira County Assembly to swear me in as per the gazette notice dated 8 September 2017 as the Commission confirmed that the gazette was indeed in order and valid.
I look forward to being officially sworn into office on Tuesday 23 April 2019, so that I can officially assume office to serve the citizens of my County. I am also pursuing an elective position in the 2022 General Election of Kenya.
I am also participating as a contestant in the Ms President Academy (a program that seeks to encourage more women to take on political Leadership in the Kenya) that features every Wednesday on one of Kenya’s local channels KTN HOME from 20:00 – 21:00. As a contestant, I was one of 1 000 applicants and am delighted for all the support that has delivered me to the top 18 remaining contestants.
My political party ODM, is a member of the Africa Liberal Network, the largest political network of liberal political parties, which is also a regional organization affiliated with Liberal International. Amongst 100 applications received by the network’s Women Leadership Programme (WLP), I am one of the 14 participants who have been selected from various applicants from across Africa. The programme is managed and monitored by the Africa Liberal Network, the Liberal Democrats UK, the Friedrich Naumann Foundation for Democracy, the Westminster Foundation for Democracy and Liberal International – together with other Africa continental and global organisations and counterparts.
As part of my community work, I focus on mentoring young men and women with teenage pregnancy prevention, financial literacy, responsible living and etiquette. I aim to create a centre of excellency in my county to work with citizens and civil society organisations in ensuring a conducing environment for programmes of development.
My note of self motivation and inspiration is that the glass is always half full, never half empty. I’m a leader who believes in being part of the core-team that is driving and championing change. I am capable and ready to serve.

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ALN Women’s Leadership Programme – Call for Applications

The Africa Liberal Network is excited to announce the launch of its new Women’s Leadership Programme, in partnership with the UK Liberal Democrats and Westminster Foundation for Democracy. The programme, open to women politicians from all ALN member parties, will provide participants with additional knowledge, skills and tailored support to advance as candidates and into leadership roles.
Applications for the 2019 programme are now open  and we warmly invite aspiring women leaders from across the Africa Liberal Network to apply.
The programme, designed for candidates intending to run for local or general elections in 2019, 2020 or 2021, will include three two-day training workshops spread out over 9 months. The first will take place in Marrakech, Morocco from 6th-7th March, ahead of the ALN General Assembly. The programme will also include a mentoring scheme whereby participants will be paired with an experienced political actor to provide tailored advice and support. The training will cover a range of topics, from campaigning and voter contact models to social media, fundraising and much more, helping equip participants with the tools they need to successfully contest party nominations and elected positions.
For more information about this important opportunity, including training dates, curriculum and applicant eligibility, please read the attached programme brochure.
To apply, please complete the attached application form and return to The deadline for applications is 17th February 2019.
Application Form English
Brochure English
Application Form French
Brochure French
Please do not hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions about the programme or application process.

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